Having Your Own Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

Have you always dreamed of working for yourself and enjoying a great income? Starting your own profitable accounting and bookkeeping service is easier than you might think. You may already take a few bookkeeping clients on the side and just need help learning the ropes of successfully taking your skills to market.

The Professional Bookkeeperâ„¢ program and its accompanying Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks teaches you the real-world skills that you need to find small-business clients, the most profitable market for freelance bookkeeping work. You will learn to efficiently serve a number of clients and the secrets to how to bill for your work that will earn you $30 to $60 per hour doing small-business bookkeeping. With your new or enhanced skills, you then learn how to find clients in low-pressure, effective settings.

Advancing Your Career

If you want to get a better job, bookkeeping can be an ideal move-up opportunity. Bookkeeping requires no college education. If you can show that you can effectively do books, you are in. Maybe university education never appealed much to you or the demands on your busy life just don’t allow you to go back to school. In just 30 days you can learn valuable accounting and bookkeeping skills that you can put to work right away.

You will get noticed at work as your employer sees your skills grow. When the next promotion comes up, you will be in excellent position to make your move. And as you show your growing skills, your employer will look much more favorably upon you as a valuable member of their team. Getting your next raise becomes much easier and your additional value to your company gives you job stability if there ever is a downturn.

One of the best parts is that you can take a few small-business accounting clients on the side and make $30 to $60 per hour for your work! Small-business clients are everwhere, and if you wish to supplement your income, we will show you low-pressure methods for finding a handful of great paying clients. If you then want to go on to start your own profitable accounting and bookkeeping service by taking on more clients, great. If not, you will always have the knowledge that YOU control your income level by having the option to take a few bookkeeping clients and increase it.